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Nomad's Multifandom Gen Recs
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Gen recs in a wide range of fandoms.
This is the new home of my fic recs, which used to be hosted on my website Nomad's Realm. I'm very multi-fandom, and I read and rec mostly all gen fic, although I'm not het or slash unfriendly. I do scavenge from other people's recs lists, but I'm also a big archive-trawler, and I rec stories regardless of whether they're new or first posted years ago. I label WIPs but otherwise don't give any content warnings.

Allergy Advice: Recs may contain death, darkness, unhappy endings, references to canon relationships, original characters, villains being redeemed, villains not being redeemed, het elements, slash elements, political elements, mathematical elements, bad jokes, and traces of nuts. Rarely all at the same time.

What I Like:
I like plot, and lots of it. My tastes skew towards longer stories, and I seldom read anything drabble-length. I generally prefer clean and simple prose to flowery language and verbose description. Accurate character voices are a big deal-breaker for me, and I love snappy banter and bickering. I tend to gravitate towards older characters and relationships with lots of history: I like adversaries who were once friends or have reluctantly become friends, and hardass parents who love but struggle to raise their kids. My favourite characters are usually competent, pragmatic, emotionally repressed and cranky. I like geeks of all flavours, arrogant geniuses, and stoics who put duty above all else. Snarky humour, hard-earned emotions from self-controlled characters, and grudging partnerships between antagonists are good ways to win my heart.
What I Read:
- Alias (Jack fic, Sloane fic)
- Babylon 5 (Bester fic, Londo and G'Kar)
- Buffy/Angel (mostly Giles fic, especially with Ethan)
- Discworld (Vimes and Vetinari, Death, Susan, Granny Weatherwax)
- Doctor Who (stories where Classic meets New Who, crossovers)
- Due South (any sort of canon-style gen)
- Good Omens (canon-style gen)
- Harry Potter (Snape fic, Harry POV AUs)
- House M.D. (House-centric gen)
- Iron Man (movieverse fic)
- Life on Mars (Sam and Gene, 'Sam wakes up' fic)
- Marvel comics (Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four, Avengers)
- The Mentalist (Jane fic, darkfic)
- NCIS (Gibbs fic, team fic)
- Psych (Henry fic, Lassiter fic, supernatural stories)
- Sports Night (canon-style gen)
- Stargate Atlantis (Rodney, Zelenka, SG-1 crossovers)
- Stargate SG-1 (Jack fic, original team fic, outsider POVs)
- Star Trek AOS (Spock, Sarek, ensemble stories)
- Star Trek TNG (Q, Picard, Data)
- Star Wars (Vaderfic, mostly original trilogy stories)
- Supernatural (John Winchester fic, creepy stories)
- West Wing (ensemble gen, Jed and Leo friendship fic)
- X-Files (casefile type stories)
The Length Classifications I Use:
"short story" - under 5000 words
"novelette" - 5-20,000 words
"novella" - 20-40,000 words
"novel" - 40-100,000 words
"long novel" - 100-300,000 words
"epic novel" - 300,000 words plus

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